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Believe it or not Mahatma Gandhi, the  father of India, had terrible handwriting.  As an adult he became embarrassed about his poor penmanship and attempted to mend his ways.  However, for the great soul it was too late.  As a result Gandhi began to teach that “bad handwriting is a sign of imperfect education.”  With this the man who won India its freedom also instilled in her people a passion for proper penmanship and consequently the use of fountain pens.  Indian schools began to require the use of fountain pens to promote proper handwriting.  The result has been a heritage of affordable fountain pens for the masses.  This website is dedicated to Gandhi’s passion for penmanship and the pens that taught a nation to write.  Join the revolution and declare independence from overpriced fountain pens!

One of Gandhi’s gifts to India... Penmanship!

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